Apr 25, 2017

Regarding Chelsea, Part II: Because you guys still don't get it

It was just a few days ago, following a few vodka and sodas, that I felt compelled to defend Chelsea Clinton against her various bullies (mostly male, but not always) in the media. I figured that would be the first and last time I wrote about Chelsea.

Alas, that was not to be. At some time during the night while I slumbered -- something I haven't been able to do much since January 20, 2017 -- all the bros of Twitter erupted in a frazzled mania at once, as if their testosterone cycles had finally synchronized after months of complaining in close quarters.
Clinton has said repeatedly that she has no plans to run. I present to you Exhibit A:
Just for reinforcement, I present to you Exhibit B:
But that's not enough. Brocialist Twitter is convinced that she's going to run for Nita Lowey's seat in 2018. And they will not have that, dammit!
(Note: I realize that the above tweet is snark. But it's snark that pokes fun at an actual fear that brocialist Twitter has and frequently expresses.)

Apparently the issue here is that she hasn't promised to run for anything, ever, and they cannot sleep until they're certain that they'll never have to see her name on a campaign sign for a school board election. In addition to that, they'd also like signed statements from her children, Charlotte and Aidan, that they also will not run. That, and only that, will finally lull them into a sweet, sweet slumber.

Chelsea Clinton running for office is what keeps them awake at night. Meanwhile, my current nighttime regimen is to chase 2 Ambien with a double-shot of Vladimir vodka with the slim hope of getting a few hours of sleep before being jolted awake from my nightmares of nuclear bombs and rapey post-apocalyptic hellscapes.

We are, as a country, facing actual danger. We are led by an incompetent narcissist with obvious mental impairments who uses the office of the president to fill his family's coffers. Surrounding him are Russian sympathizers, opportunistic white supremacists who want to "deconstruct government" -- whatever the hell that means --and two family members, both of whom have vastly superior cognitive functioning, but who are just as shallow and self-serving as the president.

And none of these people care enough stop him from tweeting threats to North Korea from his toilet in the middle of the night.

This whacked obsession the media has with Chelsea Clinton running for office scares me because it's evidence that the media has learned nothing from the clusterfuck of coverage that led us to where we are right now. The media still refuses to take a woman at her word while refusing to take a very dangerous man at his.

This has to stop.


  1. Thanks, Kara. As someone watching all this go down from the other side of the world (New Zealand), I’m totally effing stunned. We’re moving towards a slow-motion catastrophe on the Korean Peninsula, and these dudes think a woman (not) running for office is an actual concern. JFC. Most of these arses spent all of last year yammering about ‘elites’, apparently completely unaware that they’re living in a bubble of self-absorbed, over-privileged bull shittery. Lord help us all.

  2. I am so glad that you and a few others are responding to this horrifyingly obsessive hatred of Chelsea,and of all things Clinton. I actually wish Chelsea would run, she is very bright and knowledgeable, which puts her ahead of 98% of all elected officials. We know that the Right hates Clintons, but it is the Left which is fanning this now. I think it is because they don't have the will to fight Trump, and they somehow know inside that their devotion to Sanders gave us our current nightmare. So they hope to gain some small measure of self-esteem back by belittling and mocking Chelsea, like a bunch of eight year old would-be bullies who are afraid of most everyone, desperately looking for someone they can safely gang up on.